Taco Truck Mobile App
Mobile app concept. High fidelity wire-frame that walks the client through the functional properties of the purposed mobile app. Order page, Order Selection, Qty, Selection, Menu Scroll compresses selections so user can swipe left or right to browse menu, click selection and enter qty. Place order tab opens menu with payment options and tally of selected items. Click to pay option opens payment choices. Once selected app will return as excepted or denied, if denied, return to Payment options.
Fishing Website Prototype
Responsive website created with sublime3. html5/css3/js/php. Responsive site displays breaks from 1024px, 720px, and 320px to accommodate desktop, laptop, tablet, & smart phone screen sizes. The site focuses on simplicity in the styling, font selection, and page size in order to keep the user focused on elements of the site that interest them rather than overload of information.
Code Sample
This is a sample of the code written for the fishing site using Sublime3
Balsamiq Wireframe
Wire-frame for a responsive restaurant site, showing the basic idea from desktop to mobile device, created using Balsamiq
Responsive Site Example
Responsive UX Restaurant Example created in Adobe Illustrator, that displays the breakpoints for each type of device the site may be viewed.
Mobile App Concept
Mobile app concept. Attached is a PDF for download to view all the details of the concept as needed.
Website Wireframe
Low fidelity wire frame that describes the possible layout & function of clients site per initial meeting.
Website Mock-up pt.1
Sample mock up per client request, to give a high fidelity visual display to gain better insight of the purposed look. Offers explanation of pages, tabs, breakdowns of header, body, and footer options.
Website Mock-up pt.2
Continued from pt.1 of mock up that gives examples of the pages look and feel, graphic selections and positioning.
Responsive Web Site Layout
Massage site wire-frame explaining the break points of each device and simplicity of the graphical design, placement and typography.
Car Club Website
Website designed in Dreamweaver, hand written - no template, for a local car club. Consist of a six page site design (Home, Members, Rules, Calendar, Coverage, & Links page) All images on the links page are hyperlinked. Basic Header follows each page with the active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn icons. Members images hyperlinked to the club Facebook member pictures. Date and News widget in upper right corner of header.
Weather Ui
Weather Ui designed in CorelDRAW X8
Ipad Calendar App
UI concept. Click on the link to view details and thought process that went into making this concept.
Ipad Calendar App Final
Final look of the calendar wire-frame that displays dates/times, invites, accepted/denied/undecided options, along with message page that shows the calendar dated information.
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Ipad Calendar App

UI concept. Click on the link to view details and thought process that went into making this concept.

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