Who am I ?

    I have been in the art world nearly all my life: sketching to painting, charcoal to oils, multi-media, comics-strips to still-life, print to digital applications. Professional graphic designer since 1999 after completing my degree in Advertising & Graphic Design which introduced my artistic abilities to the digital realm of computer graphics. In 2011 I made a choice and the sacrifices to go back to school where I would expand my skill set further into the technological era of digital design. I applied to Walden University where, in 2015, I earned my B.S. in Computer Information Systems.

   Building upon my artistic design experience, this new knowledge has opened up doors to new opportunities with the additions of more in-depth knowledge of the tech side of design. In February of 2016 I reapplied to Walden University in pursuit of my M.S. in Information Systems. My goal is to not only design something visually appealing and user friendly but to exceed the expectations of each and every client & company from the humble idea of "how" to a professionally created and finished product of "wow", one step at a time.


  • Adobe Creative Suite/CS6

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Balsamiq, InVision

  • Typography & Photography (Photo Enhancing & Correction/Restoration)

  • HTML5/CSS3, Notepad++, Sublime Text 3, Dreamweaver

  • Color Separation, AccuRIP software, Layering/Overlay, Vector, Digital

  • Roland Cut Studio, Interior/Exterior vinyl application software, Signage, POP, POS

  • Converting jpeg & hand sketched images in vector art/files (without the assistance of a trace program)

  • Project Proposals, Client Relations, Team Building, Researching, Problem Solving, Training, Design Strategy, Product & Time Management

  • Brand & Identity (Food Lion, YMCA, ABB, FSU, Fayetteville Parks & Rec., FTCC, Campbell University)

  • File library management, Vendor collaboration, Inventory management

  • Artist, Designer, Printer, Art Director, Production Management 

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